Textile Banks


We operate textile bank collection scheme


This scheme already generates funding for our partner and require no investment from your side.
All we need is pallet size space that we rent from you on monthly basis, to place Textile/Clothing Collection Bank. That could be a parking lot or any other free space at your premises.
The textile bank placement scheme is suitable for local authorities, businesses, shopkeepers, individuals.
That is the easiest way to increase your revenues, so stop doubting and call us for more info.
We offer a bespoke service ensuring that our banks are fully serviced and maintained due to the requirements of each site. During each collection own team of drivers will visit, empty the bank and record collection volumes, so they can be monitored for the bank’s success.
Every week, at the very least, every bank we operate is thoroughly cleared. The majority of them are emptied twice or three times every week. We guarantee that if we are called out to a bank, we will arrive within 24 hours, and in most situations, we can arrive the same day.

Our customised recycling services may include the following:

  • Recycling banks that are appropriate and secure
  • Collections at regular intervals (as frequent as required)
  • Call outs for emergencies the same day or the next day
  • Collection volumes are gathered from each bank and reported on a monthly basis


All textiles, including clothing, household textiles, shoes, and accessories, are collected and if possible, repurposed as current garments; if this is not possible, even old worn-out goods can be re-used as long as they are clean.

As part of our collection service, we provide a variety of unique textile recycling banks to help you with your recycling efforts. Our company will re-use most of textiles gathered.


Environmental Sustainability


Pink Elephant Group believes that businesses should be accountable for good environmental practises and operate in a sustainable manner.
We are deeply devoted to decreasing our environmental effect, and constantly improving our performance is an intrinsic and basic component of our business practises and operations.
We are devoted to consistently improving environmental management, including monitoring and reducing waste, minimising pollutants and emissions, training employees, and assessing our own environmental performance.
We are quite proud that less than 5% of everything we collect ends up in a landfill due to our profound concern for the environment and our thorough attention to every good collected by Pink Elephant Group and most products are either reused or recycled.

Charity Partner


Our main Charity Partner World Land Trust (WLT) that we started to support from March 2023, thanks to general public choosing to use our textile banks. Please visit World Land Trust website to learn about incredible job done by team at WLT and learn about other ways to support they work.

We welcome other charities to contact us and check how we can be of help to arrange fundraising through different textile collection and re-sell schemes.