Free Home Collection

Refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle !!!

Free home collection service !!! 


We may arrange one-time or recurring collections, and our service is swift, attentive, and polite.
If you have clothes, textile, bric-a-brac, small electrical items, small items of furniture, toys, books, etc, but have no time to go to recycle centre, dispose responsibly, or simply want to find a better use for things you have, then we can help! It can be used, re-used, up cycled, and only then recycled. Pass it on, someone else can use it.
By buying fewer items, re-using what we have, we can greatly help environment we all live in. De-clutter and get in touch today! It is our environment - it is our home!

Book Collection


Environmental Sustainability


Pink Elephant Group believes that businesses should be accountable for good environmental practises and operate in a sustainable manner.
We are deeply devoted to decreasing our environmental effect, and constantly improving our performance is an intrinsic and basic component of our business practises and operations.
We are devoted to consistently improving environmental management, including monitoring and reducing waste, minimising pollutants and emissions, training employees, and assessing our own environmental performance.
We are quite proud that less than 5% of everything we collect ends up in a landfill due to our profound concern for the environment and our thorough attention to every good collected by Pink Elephant Group and most products are either reused or recycled.


Charity Partner


Our main Charity Partner A Smile for A Child ( receives regular monthly payments, thanks to general public choosing to use our textile banks. Please visit A Smile for A Child website, to learn about incredible job that visit A Smile for A Child’s team does and learn about other ways to support its work.
We welcome other charities to contact us and check how we can be of help to arrange fundraising through different textile collection and re-sell schemes.