About Us

About Pink Elephant Group

We are commited to reuse

Pink Elephant Group is a young, ambitious used clothes reuse company. Nevertheless, the managing team who operate the company has years of experience in recycling industry.
We are providing services to general public, local authorities, charitable and commercial organisations through arranging reclaiming for re-use schemes. By doing this we help to raise extra needed cash for our clients and partners, and help the environment by diverting unwanted junk from landfills.
There are different ways to work/partner with us. It could be either one off collection/fundraising or regular business activity.

Please check Working with us section of our website for further information.

Years of Experience


Pink Elephant Group specialises in post-consumer re-use of clothes, shoes, accessories and currently operates textile bank and home collections schemes in areas from London to Wakefield and sorting operation in Leicester. It takes less energy to reuse material than it does to produce the same material from scratch. Therefore, the company emphasis is on promoting the re-use. Pink Elephant Group team has years of combined industry experience and a good track record that provide a professional bonded regional collection and re-use services with a single point of contact. Clothes that are worn every day are one of the most complicated materials to recycle. They have so many different blends and qualities, and reuse is the best way to prolong the life of clothing. General public awareness of the subject could affect what is bought and how it is used, with preferences given to higher quality items. Such a shift in perception and understanding of the complexity of recycling clothes will make a massive difference to the whole fashion and textile recycling industries.

Recently, we have joined Textile2030, a new ground-breaking, expert-led initiative, harnessing the knowledge and expertise of UK leaders in sustainability to accelerate the whole fashion and textiles industry’s move towards circularity and system change in the UK, led by WRAP. As a supporter of this goal, we are committed to assisting and supporting the increased reuse and recycling of clothing to recover its greatest value and to ensure that textiles do not end up in landfills whenever possible. .

Aims and Mission

To make re-use convenient, fashionable and accessible for everyone. Future is bright. 

Initial textile collection

Textile banks, schools, nurseries, local convenience shops  and house collections are just some of the ways and places we collect from around the UK.

We provide a professional and efficient service through collaborating with local authorities, government agencies, and private businesses. Collected textiles are meticulously sorted, then graded for further reuse and supplied, depending on quality, to end users. We strive for the highest quality reusable products and apparel that can be reused rather than disposed of in landfills since we focus on reuse.

Textile recycling helps save the environment by reducing waste at landfills and offers people across the world with affordable apparel. Textiles make up about 3% of household waste, and more than 1 million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill each year, according to estimates. Second-hand clothing sellers in the UK and throughout the world buy good quality material that can be reused. Garments that have reached the end of their useful life are recycled into industrial wipers and cloths, mattress filler, insulation, and new fibres.


Working with us

We are committed to support and provide services to individual members of the public, local authorities, charitable and commercial organisations through arranging the various textile collection and reuse schemes. 

The company is always looking for new locations to host its textile banks. Here’s how you can help:

  • The placement of a textile bank at a suitable location, to accept reusable items, that would generates monthly rental income
  • A charitable fundraising event, which generate donated goods to be sold to Pink Elephant Group

Aims and Mission

To make reuse convenient, fashionable and accessible for everyone. The future is bright. 


Textile Banks

Currently, we operate a textile bank collection scheme. This scheme already generates funding for our partner and require no investment. All we need is pallet size space that we can rent on monthly basis, to place Textile/Clothing Collection Bank. That could be a parking lot or any other free space. The textile bank placement scheme is suitable for local authorities, businesses, shopkeepers, individuals. That is the easiest way to increase revenues.

We offer a bespoke service ensuring that our banks are fully serviced and maintained due to the requirements of each site. During each collection own team of drivers will visit, empty the bank and record collection volumes, so they can be monitored for the bank’s success.

Every week, at the very least, every bank we operate is thoroughly cleared. The majority of them are emptied twice or three times every week. We guarantee that if we are called out to a bank, we will arrive within 24 hours, and in most situations, we can arrive the same day.

Our customised recycling services may include the following:

  • Recycling banks that are appropriate and secure
  • Collections at regular intervals (as frequent as required)
  • Call outs for emergencies the same day or the next day
  • Collection volumes are gathered from each bank and reported on a monthly basis.

All textiles, including clothing, household textiles, shoes, and accessories, are collected and if possible, repurposed as current garments; if this is not possible, even old worn-out goods can be re-used as long as they are clean.

As part of our collection service, we provide a variety of unique textile recycling banks to help you with your recycling efforts. Our company will reuse most of the textiles gathered.


Free Home Collection 

Refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle!!! Free home collection service!!!

We may arrange one-time or recurring collections, and our service is swift, attentive, and polite.

This service is offered to individual members of the public, who have no time to go to recycling centre or simply want to find a better use for things they have. We can help !

Offering collection of clothes, textile, bric-a-brac, small electrical items, small items of furniture, toys, books, etc. that can be used, re-used, up cycled, and only then recycled.

By passing it on, someone else can use it. By buying fewer items, re-using what we have, we can greatly help environment we all live in.

De-clutter and get in touch today! It is our home, our environment!


Environmental Sustainability

Pink Elephant Group believes that businesses should be accountable for good environmental practices and operate sustainably.

We are deeply devoted to decreasing our environmental effect, and constantly improving our performance is an intrinsic and basic component of our business practices and operations.

We are devoted to consistently improving environmental management, including monitoring and reducing waste, minimising pollutants and emissions, training employees, and assessing our own environmental performance.

We are quite proud that less than 5% of everything we collect ends up in a landfill due to our profound concern for the environment and our thorough attention to every good collected by Pink Elephant Group and most products are either reused or recycled.


Charity Partner

Our main Charity Partner A Smile for A Child receives regular monthly payments, thanks to the general public choosing to use our textile banks. Please visit A Smile for A Child website, to learn about the incredible job that A Smile for A Child’s team does and learn about other ways to support they work.


We welcome other charities to contact us and check how we can be of help to arrange fundraising through the different textile collections and re-sell schemes.